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chlorine free spa water

clean, clear, safe, chlorine-free spa water

EcoOne Spa Monthly

EcoOne Monthly Spa Treatment is the environmentally friendly, non-toxic heart of the EcoOne system.  It naturally solves most spa water treatment problems and dramatically reduces spa maintenance.

EcoOne Monthly Spa Treatment effectively stabilizes alkalinity and pH, eliminates scum lines, foam, itching and rashes and helps to alleviate dry skin, by reducing overall chemical use.

EcoOne Monthly Spa Treatment decreases the demand on your sanitizer, while increasing the overall enjoyment of owning your spa. It will keep up to 500 US gallons (1800 litres) of water looking and feeling great for one month with average use. [If you use your spa 3 - 5 days a week for twenty minutes each day, that is considered to be average use. Heavier use may require more frequent additions of EcoOne Monthly Spa Treatment.]


Coconut, mineral and botanical extracts.  Natural Enzymes.

The contents of Eco One Monthly Spa treatment are biodegradable and environmentally safe.


Part of the Eco One Natural Spa treatment regime:

  • Use a product such as Spa Flush  to purge and detox your spa. 
  • Drain and refill tub with clean water. Use the EcoOne Pre-Filter if necessary.
  • Shock with a non-chlorine shock.
  • Clean the filter(s) thoroughly and use EcoOne Enzyme Active Filter Boost.
  • Add the entire contents of the Eco One Monthly Spa Treatment with all pumps running and all jets open.
  • Test your water balance and adjust if necessary- the pH should be within the range: 7.2 – 8.2 and the Total Alkalinity should be with the range: 80-120 ppm
  • Add the minimum recommended amount of Bromine (1 – 2 ppm) or Chlorine (0.5 - 1 ppm) The best way to maintain the sanitizer level is to put Bromine or Chlorine tablets into a floating dispenser with the flow rate turned to minimum.  Check the Bromine level daily for a few days and adjust the flow rate as necessary to maintain the correct level of Bromine.  Thereafter, all you need to do is to keep the dispenser topped up with tablets.
  • Keep your Bromine dispenser topped up and relax until the end of the month when it's time to tip in another bottle of EcoOne Spa Monthly and clean your filters.  That's all there is to it.

it couldn't be easier!
clean, clear, safe, chlorine-free spa water

chlorine free hot tub water

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