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Eco One Testimonials

Here are just a few examples of the numerous testimonials that we and the manufacturers on Eco One, Pacific Sands Inc, have received ........

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I am absolutely dedicated to this product, as you can see we have a fairly heavy bathing load at times and use the spa for our family of 4 at least 3-4 times per week.  as you can see from the pictures the water is crystal clear.  The photos of the empty tub are after 3 parties and the water was due to be changed, which seems a sin as it is still so clear.  Maintenance is minimal, we refill every 3 months using the pre-filter add the eco one, adjust ph as required and that's it.  Once a week I rinse the filters (just with water), check bromine levels and ph levels, add the enzyme to the filter compartment and add a sachet of spa lite.  despite parties i've only had to use anti - foam once.  I can't really praise the products enough. I used to use chlorine products and had to check levels of sanitiser, ph etc every day but it's just not necessary with eco one, it makes owning a spa a pleasure with minimal effort and maximum reward.  My little boy is slightly prone to dry skin and always suffers after using a swimming pool but he gets in the hot tub and doesn't have any adverse reaction at all.  It really is amazing and i would highly recommend it to anyone.

Mrs K Pratt
Norfolk, UK

ecoone chlorine free spa water

When we first had the tub we used chlorine tablets, but after a while my husband found he was having skin problems, so we changed to bromine instead, which made no difference. By a rather circuitous route Eco 1 was recommended to us and we've been using it ever since, several years now, with a low level of bromine as well. My husband's eczema has cleared up , the water has a good feel to it and it seems to maintain it's pH level better than before.

We're pleased to have found you as our existing supplier has stopped doing Eco 1, and your service was excellent, thank you.

East Sussex, UK

Dear Pacific Sands,

Thank you for the recent shipment of the 6 months supply of Eco One. I just wanted to let you know how much we love this product! I've been a die-hard spa fan for over 9 years and have not found anything on the market quite like Eco One.

In the past, I've tried just about every spa cleaner, de-foamer, Spa-Up, Spa-Down, ionizer, de-greaser.....you name it! Now, all I have to do is add the one bottle of Eco One monthly & the filter booster, along with my sanitizer (we use chlorine). The water has never looked clearer or cleaner; it's truly amazing stuff! No more murky water with brown gunk along the water line! I would recommend this system to anyone who is tired of balancing their spa water, wasting their money, and not getting good results.

Take care and keep up the good work!

K & J
San Diego, CA, USA

Dear Pacific Sands

I'm writing this letter to thank you for introducing me to your wonderful Eco One product! I am amazed not only at how crystal-clear my spa is, but also how great the water feels. I love not having to rinse the chlorine off me or my swim suit -- and like you said, my skin feels better after I use the spa! When you add this with the ease of using Eco One and the cost savings, I feel you have a revolutionary product that everyone should be using.

Having been in the health care industry for over fifteen years, I am particularly aware of the dangers inherent with chemical and toxin exposure. I believe it's important to do everything possible to reduce contact with harmful substances in order to maintain superior health, and before Eco One, I thought chlorine was something that I would just have to live with--not any more! I will be pleased to recommend your products to my friends and family.

Best wishes for continued success!

Placentia, California, USA

Greetings! I am writing to thank you for all the advice and support you have given us over the last four months and to tell you how happy we are with Eco One.

…(Our) Inn is a 13 room bed & breakfast and our hot tub at times endures a very heavy bather load. Before using Eco One we would daily have to add chlorine, check and adjust the pH, wipe down the accumulated grime around the waterline and add defoaming agent. On occasion we would have to use a product to bring all the suspended debris to surface to be skimmed off. With normal bather use we would drain the tub every two weeks. During high season we would have to drain it every week. Needless to say our hot tub was a virtual chemical stew and a maintenance nightmare!

Being a "green" business we were on the look out for a chemical free way to treat our hot tub. Your ad in the San Diego paper caught my eye and, after speaking with you at length about the product, I was excited about doing away with chemicals in our spa.

We have been using Eco One now for over three months and are very pleased with the results. Our maintenance schedule now consists of draining the tub every two months, refilling and then adding two bottles of Eco One. We no longer wipe down brown film from the sides of the tub, we use no defoaming agent, and we have to adjust the pH only occasionally. During heavy tub use when 15 to 20 people use the tub each night, we may add an extra half bottle of Eco One in the morning.

I am thrilled to be able to tell our guests that our hot tub is chemical free. We often receive comments that the user's skin feels soft and clean after spa use.

Thank you for all the personal attention you have given us.



We have been using your ecoONE® Spa products for almost a year now and we love it. It has eliminated the need for continuous testing and chemical balancing.

Very truly yours,

it couldn't be easier!
clean, clear, safe, chlorine-free spa water

chlorine free hot tub water

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